Chasing Ninjas
reads book: *favourite character dies*
me: maybe if i read this again he won't die this time

santa claus is coming to town~


i wish i was as pretty as my icon

i want my brother’s minifigs. i wanna steal them while he’s sleeping tonight, but that would be mean and i know it so i’m not gonna. i really want them though

i’m gonna sleep in like 20 minutes or so because then it will be christmas sooner :D

yeah in case you guys can’t tell i go from 16 to 5 on christmas

i’m gonna see if my li’l bro will let me pose his ninja minifigs and take pics :D i see everyone else doing it

I just came back from playing ninjas with my bro it was actually fun :) he’s 4 and absolutely adorable!! (He let me be Lloyd and Kai, but he wanted to be Cole and Nya and Zane, idk why.)

You remember how I said I was gonna ask my li’l bro if I could use his Lloyd minifig right? Well he just handed it to me and asked me to ‘play ninjas with him’ omg he’s so cute uwu

only 5 and it’s already getting dark but the sooner it gets dark the sooner i can go to sleep and the sooner i sleep the sooner i wake up tomorrow and TOMORROW IS CHRISTMAS